TRAFFIC AND LEAD GENERATION
Traffic and lead generation is the most important part of the whole puzzle in affiliate business. If you are unable to get people to click and make purchase,
your dream of making money on-line will become a mirage and  you will never make a dime from the internet.The reason you are  in business in the first place is to get people as much as  possible to see your product, its usage , its benefits, to desire what you are offering and place order for it.    These two components are the forces that drives the on-line business world  like an
                        "ORBIT THAT ROTATE AROUND IT AXES "
To really understand what these components are and their functions, lets take a look at them one after the other ;-


 #   TRAFFIC =   simply mean your ability to attract/ get people to look and click on your links( the code of an item in display)  to see what
you are promoting on the internet for them to buy. This largely depend on your short sales report I talked about in my previous article.
 Short sales report is what I call "using the calabash to fetch water in the river of wealth", in other words, we are using sales report to get the customers.
If you can " CRAFT" a very good sales report with the necessary informations, people will have no other choice but to take a look at what you are offering and who knows,
 place orders for such item immediately which in-turn brings commission to you


                                              BASIC DASHBOARD TRAINING 

For you to be able to select an item, product, or package together with the  links/banners for Ads placement and promotion, you need to have the basic
knowledge of the companies Dashboard ( Tools) area. The dashboard has components that enables you to navigate ( operate)
around  various options that will enhance your marketing skills and  bring about good sells and profit .

Your ability to familiarize yourself with the dashboard and knowing how to use it is  very"important" eg., 
for an excellent keyword  search and forgood product and service delivery. 
There are video tutorials on the platform that will further explain how this section works for you to have a full grasp of the entire Tools needed.
I will advice you  watch these videos first, before going ahead to do anything els' on the dashboard segment.

                      ADS  (ADVERTS)  / PROMOTIONS

   After knowing how to select an item, applying its links and banners, we are now going to look at how to promote such item for people to see what you are offering.

There are various platform that you can use to do that, such as ;-



     3  GOOGLE ADS



      6  P INTEREST

      7  INSTAGRAM Etc.,

  You don't have to use all these platforms for you to promote any item, all you need is just one as a beginner and learn how to use it to start making money on-line.

Lets take face-book for instance, face-book is the largest ads platform today with over a billion subscribers on its  interface. With this, you can get to millions of people
all over the world seeing your items, products, and services displaying on their time lines through out the entire day.

 Have you not wondered why a normal picture you posted on your time-line will be suppressed downward within few minutes of posting it and there will be this particular picture,

that will continue to show at the top of your time-line  over and over again through out the entire day? well it is called   paid ads ( advert) because, that picture or item has been paid for on face-book ads
to display, base on the number of days / months that is been budgeted for it to be on face-book time-lines. face-book charges $5 per day for such services. And one more thing, for you to make
any meaningful progress on sales on-line you have to go for paid traffic because, your ads stays longer on the time-line for someone to see and take decision rather than been washed away in the case  free ads you post on your face-book time-line thereby  wasting your time, go for paid one       and  save yourself time and money.
 There are terminologies that comes with these ads promotions such as ; PPC, CPA, SOLO ADS, BANNER ADS Etc,.  you don't need to worry yourself with this if you find them strange to comprehend,
with time, you will  find them very easy to use like the Lol ( laughing out loud) slang's we use on whats'app when charting with our friends or love ones.
Also, there is what we call on-line behaviour which means that, the item or product you are promoting can only display to a segment of people or a particular age group,
the kind of device they are using, country/ location etc., yes! that is the magic behind face-book Ads. You  can also add your favourite celebrity followers like Oprah Will-free
and the number of those that listen/follow  her shows as your market audience . OK, lets stop here for today  and watch out for the continuation of this episode, enjoy your day.



 After setting up all the basic requirements and knowing fully well that, Tenacity and strong desire is the Engine we need to take this  business to the top, we are now going to look at other factors that really propel  ( drives) this business like an Aircraft that is gaining altitude into the sky  for success. these other factors are as follows  :-

   1   MARKET PLATFORM  - A company that has goods and services to sell

    2   BASIC TUTORIALS  - you need to know how to navigate ( operate) around the          dashboard  ( the companies marketing tools) to be able to select and place links/ banner of an offer ( item) that you want to promote for good  profit.

    3  TRAFFIC / LEAD GENERATION - how to place ads( adverts) on  goods and services using Facebook,   BingAds,  GoogleAdwords   etc.

    4   AUTO RESPONDER -  using an Email marketing companies like ; Mail-chimp, Aweber,  Getrespons.,   etc to receive and send mails to your prospects and leads for either communicating with your existing customers or new one's on an offer.

     5  SHORT SALES REPORT  - also known as copy- writing for expressing and describing the how and benefit of a product and service to a customer.

     6  PAYMENT METHODS  - there are different options that could be used for this either by PaPal ,PayZa,    Payoneer credit cards,  Direct deposit,  Emailed checks, etc.

      Haven't said all these, we are now going to look at each of these factors one after the other and the role they play in this business. 

      So Lets go into details.,

                                                   MARKET PLATFORM.

  This is the back bone of this business, for you to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need a platform to do that. In other words,

you need a reputable company that has quality goods and services that can meet the needs and desires of consumers  and to
partner with such company in advertising those items or products for them, both on-line/ off-line in whatever option you choose to operate.

There are well known companies that have grown massively over the years on-line with millions of dollars in sales every month from

consumers flocking their website for goods /services on the internet. These companies have been able to craft their brands into
the minds and thoughts of their consumers that, when ever they need to shop for anything, they go to the market place of these 
companies websites and place orders for such items.
With your assistance as an affiliate partner, you help the company to display their wares, goods, services etc. for people to see,
appreciate and place orders on the internet for you to get paid a commission base on the percentage of such item or product you promoted.

In conclusion, for you to make "money on-line" you have to continually,consistently, master  the art of promoting and selling because, that is where the real  mega money  is maid.  

Some of these Marketing Platforms are ;


Later on, am going to introduce a powerful market platform that is taking over the industry like a thunderbolt, and how you can leverage to win big with their system

 We are going to stop here for today and I enjoy you to be on the look out for the next episode  until then, have a wonderful day. 

  To be continued........